Real tips from real golfers for real situations, right in the palm of your hand

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Fool me once…

If you’ve ever hit a perfect shot only to find that a hidden water hazard or a false front has ruined your score, you know the value that comes with the detailed knowledge of a golf course.

With *crowdsourced local knowledge from Caddio™, you’ll have access to tips and descriptions from golfers who've played the track before you, guiding you through those tricky lies and hard-to-read greens. 
* Patent pending.

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Keys to Success.

In addition to crowdsourced course tips, Caddio allows each user to keep personal, private swing keys.

Keep your back straight at address. Make a wide shoulder turn. Don't decelerate on short putts... Let's face it; golf is a mental game that requires focus. With Caddio you'll never lose your keys again. 

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Social Meets Game Improvement.


With full social integration, it’s easy to share your tips with anyone, even friends who aren’t using Caddio yet. And it helps spread the word, which benefits you in the long run: larger user base = more tips = improved local knowledge. #caddio

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